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It’s incredibly difficult to get vaccination appointments for COVID 19 across the United States right now. As more people become eligible appointments are becoming harder to come by for those who are at a higher risk. For those in the U.S. having issues finding appointments - I’ve been compiling some resources and trying to help eligible friends and family find availability. It’s been very difficult for people I know, even if you are at the top of the eligibility list.

These resources should work in just about any state, but I figured I’d compile it all for everyone to glance at.

Shot O’Clock has been the single most useful resources - sends you a text for open appointments around you when they become available. I prefer this, because it will give you everything

Another is Dr. B this one will only text you if you meet eligibility which I had issues as the eligibility inputs are out of date with the state’s requirements.

Facebook groups have been a game-changer. These aren’t about cutting lines, rather they are about finding open appointments which can be very difficult depending on where you are:

These are assorted US groups - in no particular order.

  • SF/Bay Area
  • CA
  • NY/CT
  • CT
  • MA
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • CO
  • CO
  • Twin Cities
  • MD
  • NJ
  • MI
  • NC/SC
  • AZ
  • VA
  • VA
  • FA
  • PA
  • OH

General search query to find other groups: