Leadership Skills: Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Clear Communication, Team Mentorship, Solution Oriented, Conflict Resolution
Languages and Frameworks: TypeScript/JavaScript, React/Redux, Vue/Vuex, Angular, Sass/Less/CSS, Python, Java, Go, Bash/Zsh, PHP
Tools: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, SQL/Postgres, NoSql, CI/CD, ORMs
Rochester Institute of Technology
BS, Concentration in Computer Science & Cyber Security
Engineering Courses: Data Structures, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Web Engineering, Web Security, Human Factors Engineering, UI Design
Leadership Courses: Organizational Psychology Capstone, Software Project Management, Cognitive Psych, Social Psych, Abnormal Psych, Moral Philosophy
Cornell University
Project Management Certificate
Courses: Organizing Projects, Managing Resources, Managing Risk, Agile
Northeastern University
Computer Science Certificate
Courses: Networking, Databases, Web Design
SAFe Agile Certified
OSS Conference Speaker
President of Linux User Group and FOSS group at RIT
National Web Design Medalist (SkillsUSA)

Accomplished software engineering leader with 10 years of experience in corporate and startup environments. Interested in leveraging leadership and technical experience to build strong teams that deliver exceptional software.

San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Sept 2019 to Jan 2024;
  • Collaborated closely with Chief Revenue Officer to design and implement a technical framework for a new pricing structure to attract a new customer profile, enabling multiple 6-figure+ contracts.
  • Designed and led technical development on an OCI image scanner and data pipeline using Go and NodeJS to detect vulnerabilities for Fortune 500 customers, leading to multiple 6-figure upsells.
  • Led development on a critical path UI component, implementing complex SQL queries for ergonomic data retrieval and then building a modern user interface using React.
Engineering Manager
  • Established and supervised a team of 5 engineers and was responsible for developing an industry-leading security product generating over $7M ARR. (
  • Oversaw and contributed to the development of a best-in-class vulnerability database that supported vulnerability discovery and remediation at scale within Fortune 50 companies.
  • Increased customer confidence in vulnerability data by building data review policies and processes that resulted in a reduction in false-positive reports by 90%.
MITRE Corporation
McLean, VA
Cyber Security and Software Engineer
May 2016 to Sept 2019;
  • Led a frontend-focused team of 3 engineers, working directly with federal supervisory agents, to modernize a digital forensics tool for the top digital crime teams. Developed an air-gapped deployment method for computing clusters used in the field for evidence collection and analysis.
  • Advised and worked directly with federal agents in a sensitive crimes unit to collect, manage, and analyze digital evidence. Developed image and language detection models to automate analysis.
  • Received US Attorney General's Award, Federal Law Enforcement Award, and Director's Award for technical innovations.
RIT Information Technology Services
Rochester, NY
Software Developer
Sept 2014 to Jan 2017;
  • Developed tools to autofill student information into standard forms and exam sheets, reducing repetitive tasks performed by faculty and university staff from hours to a single click.
  • Modernized multiple legacy PHP applications, upgrading end-of-life software and integrating CI/CD to increase maintainability and reliability.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, MA
Software Engineer
Feb 2014 to Aug 2015;
  • Developed ground-truth verification systems for Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research project (LINEAR). Verified 4 million extraterrestrial objects. (
  • Integrated image detection algorithms into an image processing pipeline and optimized models for use with space surveillance systems.

Maintainer of an open source progressive webapp for texting (SMS/MMS) from your computer using Vue.js. Adopted as the official client for PulseSMS, serving more than 1 million users. (

Kubernetes Cluster

Built a Kubernetes cluster running various home services, using Helm, and FluxCD. (