Programming: Python, Javascript, NodeJS, Bash, PHP, HTML5, CSS/SASS, C, Java, Ruby
Tools: Git, Bash/Zsh, Vim, Webpack, Grunt, Maven, Travis/Gitlab CI
Software: Nginx, Apache, SQL, MongoDB, Arch, Debian, REHL, MacOS, Android
Rochester Institute of Technology
BA of Science, Concentration in Computer Science
Computing Scholarship
Courses: Data Structures, Python, Java, C, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Web and Mobile, Assembly, Databases, Web Security
Northeastern University
Computer Science Certificate Program 2014
Courses: Networking I & II, Databases, Web Design
Minuteman Tech
High School Diploma, Computer Science 2014
Computer Science Vocational Certification
Accomplishments & Certifications
President of RIT Linux User Group and Free and Open Source at RIT
OSHA certified (10 hours)
National Web Design Bronze Medalist (SkillsUSA)

Pursuing technical and professional growth with real world experience, specifically in leadership roles and emerging software techniques.

MITRE Corporation
McLean, Va
Cyber Security and Software Engineer
May 2016 to Present
  • Designing and implementing high impact applications for a large range of government sponsors including DOD and DOJ
  • Primary contributor to several high profile cyber threat analysis tools. Developing full stack systems including complex deployment models and scalable web interfaces.
  • Developing robust investigation engines as a part of the GSA modernization effort within large scale agile teams
  • Recievied Federal Law Enforcment Award and Directors Award for technical efforts
RIT Information Technology Services
Rochester, NY
Software Developer
Sep 2014 to Jan 2017
  • Modernized legacy applications and scripts in order to automate various tasks
  • Developed internal tools such as automated hiring tools and applications to prefilled Scantron sheets and handled the production deployments of these tools
  • Handled ongoing maintenance of various legacy applications and tools
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, MA
Software Engineer
Feb 2014 to Aug 2015
  • Developed and improved proprietary image detection algorithms and related code bases using Matlab and several C++ libraries
  • Optimized detection processing times down by 70% using parallel computing techniques and developed efficient SQL search queries
  • Created a front end web visualizer for processed detection using asynchronous web paradigms and Material UI
System Administrator
Sep 2010 to Dec 2015
  • Maintained long term server functionality including regular updates and abnormal failure events
  • Developed an in-depth administration plugin to "kick" and "ban" unruly users with an interactive web front-end

A progressive webapp for texting (SMS/MMS) from your computer using Vue.js and the PulseSMS API (


A modern open source URL shortener designed as a flexible alternative to existing but antiquated technologies (


An MVC website aimed at creating a project and solution based social network. Written in PHP and JavaScript using the jQuery and Foundation libraries (

A personal portfolio written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (