Programming: Python, Go, Javascript, NodeJS, Bash/Zsh, Java, HTML5, CSS/SASS, C, PHP, Ruby
Tools: Git, Bash/Zsh, Vim, Webpack, Maven, CI/CD, DFIR Tools
Software: Nginx, Ansible, Apache, *SQL, MongoDB, Arch, Debian, REHL, MacOS, Android
Rochester Institute of Technology
BS, Concentration in Computer Science & Cyber Security
Courses: Data Structures, Python, Java, C, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Web and Mobile, Assembly, Databases, Web Security, Human Factors Engineering
Northeastern University
Computer Science Certificate Program
Courses: Networking I & II, Databases, Web Design
Minuteman Tech
High School Diploma, Computer Science
Computer Science Vocational Certification
Accomplishments & Certifications
Federal Law Enforcement Award, MITRE Directors Award
President of RIT Linux User Group and Free and Open Source at RIT
National Web Design Bronze Medalist (SkillsUSA)

A highly experienced Cyber Security and Software Engineer pursuing technical and professional growth through hands-on learning with emerging technologies and leadership techniques.

San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer
September 2019 to Present
  • A fast growing startup developing software analysis tools to help modern teams manage their open source dependencies.
  • Leading signficant efforts to update and maintain industry leading vulnerability database.
  • Managing development of core and emerging security products.
MITRE Corporation
McLean, VA
Cyber Security and Software Engineer
May 2016 to September 2019
  • Led sub-task development on significant portions of a Digital Forensics and Incident Response framework. Integrated forensic tools and designed complex cluster systems.
  • Primary contributor to a high-profile cyber threat analysis tools. Developed full stack systems including complex deployment models and scalable web interfaces.
  • Developed robust secure storage engine for investigative tools within large scale agile teams as a part of a GSA modernization effort. Designed complex secure storage methods to be used with AWS and AWS GOVCloud.
  • Received Federal Law Enforcement Award, Director's Award, and four other Awards for technical efforts.
RIT Information Technology Services
Rochester, NY
Software Developer
Sept 2014 to Jan 2017
  • Modernized multiple legacy PHP applications to increase maintainability and to automate additional tasks such as inventory management and automatic standard form filling.
  • Developed internal tools such as automated hiring applications and pre-filled Scantron sheets for exams. Handled ongoing maintenance and deployment of all developed applications and several other tools.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, MA
Software Engineer
Feb 2014 to Aug 2015
  • Developed and improved proprietary image detection algorithms and related code bases using Matlab and several C++ libraries for use with unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Optimized detection and processing times using supercomputers/parallel computing techniques and distributed databases with efficient queries.
  • Developed ground-truth verification systems for Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research project (LINEAR). Detected and verified more than 4 million extraterrestrial objects.

A complex distributed service network for personal use. Utilizes distributed computers and advanced networking techniques to achieve secure distributed operation and high availability.


A progressive webapp for texting (SMS/MMS) from your computer using Vue.js (


A modern open source URL shortener designed as a flexible alternative to existing but antiquated technologies using a microservice architecture (