Solomon Rubin

Solomon Rubin

Solomon Rubin

I am currently a student at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in
Computer Science. Throughout the last 8 years I have developed an
extensive skillset in Development and Software Engineering
with a particular focus on Linux tools and Web technologies.
As my education continues my interests and skills develop exponentially.

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Skills & Accomplishments

Awards and Certifications

  • SkillsUSA: National Bronze Web Design Champion
  • OSHA - 10 Hours
  • RIT: Computing Award (Scholarship)


  • C, Java, Python
  • JavaScript, NodeJS
  • Bash, SQL, LAMP
  • Grunt, Maven, Make
  • Git, SVN

Systems & Apps

  • Debian, Arch
  • Mac OS X
  • Android System
  • Distributed Systems
  • Remote Systems

Work Experience

MITRE Reverse Engineering

5/2016-Present :: McLean, Va

MITRE is a nonprofit research enterprise that primarily serves US Government and other private organizations. I've worked as a Cyber Security Engineer taking part in a number of projects ranging from reverse engineer to creating analytic tools. I've created low level emulation software and also worked heavily on the development of high profile cyber threat analysis tools.

MIT Lincoln Lab

MIT Lincoln Lab
2/2014-8/2015 :: Boston, Ma

MIT Lincoln Lab is a research facility that is under contract of the US Department of Defense. I worked on several pieces of large scale projects during my time here. I was able to explore a large diversity of topics like machine learning and detection algorithms as well as high level parallel computing.


RIT End-Point Engineering
9/2014-Present :: Rochester, Ny

As a part of the Endpoint Engineering team of RIT's Information Infrastructure I've balanced out a lot of my skills. I've explored new ideas and techniques in web application design as well as expand my system administration skills to Windows. Being able to work on projects that are relevant to my personal learning have been a huge asset in my growth.

2011-2015 :: Online

Escapecraft is a Minecraft gaming community where I was able to work for 4 wonderful years. I was introduced to System Administration and helped to maintain live gaming servers with a very large player-base, experiencing working within a team on large scale projects.

Project links: SeruBans (Java), Hatme (Java), EscapePlugin (Java)



The Mindcloud project was one of the largest scale projects I've ever worked on. The goal of creating a social conversation framework was only a small piece. It tested everyone web techniques I have ever learned as well as pushing my time management and planning skills to a new limit.

Project links: Source code, Website


A highly functional and featured, deployable URL shortener. Designed as a standalone application Manglr allows for anyone to host their own URL Shortener and track analytics and statistics on their users and shortened URLs. Work in Progress.

Project links: Source code

Serubin's Dotfiles

The Dotfiles project is exactly what it sounds like. This dotfiles framework provides lightweight highly configured and highly configurable default configurtion. It provides a starting point for ZSH, Bash, Vim (as an IDE), tmux, and much more. Also features a very usable installer and updater.

Project links: Source code Project is much more than just my website project. For the entirety of my career it has been the driving project of my own education. It’s a culmination of 6 years of web development as well as 4 years of system administration and full stack development. Many portions of this continues to be a backbone to my success and help me further my own learning initiatives.

Project links: Source code